Established in 1990 and with over a century of combined staff experience, Rare Coins of New Hampshire enjoys a sterling reputation within the financial services and numismatic industries for unrivaled technical expertise and investor protection practices. Having been the numismatic firm of choice by such notable organizations as Yale University and The State of Vermont’s Department of Taxation, Rare Coins of New Hampshire is a member of all major professional organizations including The Professional Numismatists Guild, the most prestigious and exclusive consumer protection organization within the industry. In addition, a member of the RCNH legal and numismatic departments routinely provides legal expertise to the Numismatic Consumer Alliance, a non-profit watch dog organization that has been successful in recovering millions of dollars for consumers who have been involved in fraudulent coin related transactions.  Rare Coins of New Hampshire has also been the recipient of the coveted Krause Customer Service Award for excellence in consumer relations.


For over 25 years, RCNH Financial has provided disciplined, reliable and personalized precious metals and numismatic acquisition and liquidation strategies to deliver great results for investors. Precious metals and numismatic coins play fundamental and important roles in a well diversified investment strategy by providing:

  • A diversifier that can mitigate losses in times of market stress.
  • A liquid asset with no credit risk.
  • A means to enhance an overall investment portfolio performance.
  • A source of long term returns.

RCNH Financial provides many services for investors and financial advisors such as:

  • Custom designed precious metals and numismatic investment portfolio strategies designed to grow and preserve wealth.
  • Portfolio management services that keep investors and financial advisors current on market opportunities that are emerging for profit in existing portfolios.
  • Tangible asset appraisal services by RCNH Financial’s industry recognized experts.
  • Personalized exit strategies and guidance for precious metals and numismatic coins designed for ease and the maximization of prices at the time of liquidation.

“The function of tangible assets in a diversified investment portfolio is to serve as a defensive asset class… the appreciation of tangible assets can be expected to be proportionate to the depreciation in financial assets during periods of economic, financial, political and military turmoil.”

-Harry Markowitz: Nobel Laureate in Economics and
the Father of Modern Portfolio Theory.


Donald DeeDonald W. Dee is the Director of the Financial Services Division of RCNH, the noted numismatic firm recognized internationally for it’s unrivaled technical expertise and consumer protection practices. Don has worked exclusively in the rare coin and tangible asset markets since graduating from the University of Massachusetts. Working with financial professionals, estate planning attorneys and non–profit organizations since 1981, Donald has been a frequent and popular guest speaker on numerous radio and television shows in both the United States and Canada discussing tangible asset investments. A published author and contributor to Life Insurance Selling Magazine, Donald has also opened markets for the placement of investment quality numismatic and precious metals portfolios in the United States, Canada and Saudi Arabia. Don is a frequent invited guest speaker at numerous financial educational forums.

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